Saturday, May 30, 2009

Busy P At Toronto Wrongbar Show

Well kids, as you know, on May 27th, Busy P played a solo show in Toronto at the Wrongbar. From what it looked like, the show was pretty dope.

I couldn't find many reviews or what not, so the videos will have to stand the test. From what I can gather though, Busy P played a combination of numerous genres including house, electro, and others.

Some tracks including:
- Daft Punk "One More Time"
- SebastiAn "Greel"/"Killing In The Name Of (Remix)"

Begins with the track: "Kids (Soulwax Remix)" - MGMT with a fade into some house track, which I would really like to know the name of.

- Cassidy

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Mr. Oizo Remixes Review

Due to popular demand, here we have it. A piece about the lovely, and brilliantly, genius, Mr. Oizo. Well, the remixes of his tracks rather.

Here is a review of the various remixes of his tracks from the 2008 “Lamb’s Anger” album. Some off the Pourriture - EP, and some off the Positif - EP

Steroids (Dog Tag Re -Edit) vs. Steroids (Mr. Oizo Remix)

Alrite, here is where I have to separate from everybody else. Everybody else simply loves the remix made by the man himself of the Uffie featured track “Steroids", off the 2008 release of the Lamb's Anger album. The Mr. Oizo remix of “Steroids” is a more hand clappy, rocked out version of the originally more bland track. People love the f*ck out of the remix, including major DJ’s. Turbo records Canadian artist Tiga, put it in his latest podcast.

But honestly, I don’t feel like this remix is up to par with his other amazingly, mind-blowing tracks. That’s why I have to turn to the Dog Tag Re-Edit of “Steroids.”

The Dog Tag Re-Edit is simply delicious and addictive. It’s a “sped up” version with a steady tribal beat. Great interjections, fades, and stutters of the vocals make this remix simply hard hitting and unique. This remix takes Uffie’s vocals and forces them to f*ck the brains out of the beat.

At 2 minutes, there is a beautiful climax between the razor edge of the beat, and Uffie’s sexy, wet vocals. It is a perfect delivery to a perfect dosage of steroids. This track brings out the vocals, and makes Uffie sound like an actual grown up with a fiercenss to match those female artists who are at the top of their game. The whole track brings out the beauty of the original track, which is initially genius; this just touches up on it, and gives it that “umph” which makes it hard hitting and simply debonair.

Positif (LFO Remix)

This remix is f*cking beast. I think that’s all that needs to be said. It's so utterly beastly, that Mr. Oizo plays it in almost all of his sets.

It’s so …argh. Such dopeness in a mere 4 freakin minutes. Its so glitch, so eclectic, and random. It’s a beautiful car wreck. To those who truly understand electro, they will understand what that means. Its incredibly addictive, and such a wrecked take on the already insane “Positif.” Great wreckage goddamit. Great wreckage.

Erreurjean (Arveene and Misk Remix)

The beginning starts with a harsh repetitive stutter and frantically slaps its way into the main rhythm. A repetition all in a perfect alignment of notes that seem like an in control heart attack. After the multi step build up, the beats go into a dark series of pure bad ass.

Later the song goes into a glitch, arcade sound melody, like something the Crystal Castle drama queens randomly interjected. Just when you think there is a fade to the end, it bounces back around with a climactic beat, and back around to the original riff. This is a great remix which just pumps up and brings the original “Erreurjean” track to life, all the while capturing the true essence.

I'd love to know your take on the remixes. We appreciate your commments!

- Cassidy

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Busy P in Toronto Show

As anounced on the Cool Cats blog, after wrapping up the Levi's tour with Kavinsky, Busy P will be playing a special gig in Toronto, Canada. The gig will be held on May 27, 2009 at the Wrongbar.Links:

- Cassidy

Busy P Interview w/ Limited Edition TV

OH MY GOD. These Japanese interviews always make for the greatest, most awkward moments on the planet.

You know it's an amazingly hilarious interview, when it has these things:
1. Busy P introduced as "#1 French DJ of the Techno Style in the World"
2. When Busy P has had no sleep
3. When Busy P tackles the interviewer.

Ahh. Classic.

This interview was conducted by a Japanese kid named Daichi Ito. Who's crappy, japan accent riddled english, makes for the best interaction with Busy P you can imagine . Bwahaha.


- Cassidy

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Justice For Cool Cats Tracklist

Here's a track listing the lovely Justice did for the awesome Cool Cats Crew.

1. Sparks / This Town Isn’t Big Enough
2. Distort / House Of Fuzz
3. Plugged Up / Acid Burn
4. Kelly Charles / You’re No Good
5. Les Rhythm Digitales / Disco To Disco
6. Para One / Club Hoppin
7. Clang / Techno
8. Mr Oizo / Flat Eric
9. MBM / RSW / DBX / DSS / Mars Thunder Losing Earth
10. Fatboy Slim And Wildchild / Renegade Master
11. Prodigy / Smack My Bitch Up
12. Para One / Turtle Trouble
13. Scott Grooves / Mothership
14. Audion / The Pong
15. Prince and Shelia / Oh Sheila
16. Quakerman / Schlamm Me
17. Justice / Waters Of Nazareth
18. Basement Jaxx
19. Aphex Twin / Window Licker
20. Kraftwerk / It’s
21. Simian / Never Be Alone
22. Vanessa Paradis / Be My Baby
23. Armand Van Helden / Necessary Evil
24. Stardust / Music Sounds Better With You
25. Michael Jackson / Get On The Floor
26. Sebastian / Smoking Kills
27. Beatbreaker / Hi Roller
28. Justice / Let There Be Light
29. Soft Cell / Memorabilia

WOW. What a great track listing gee whiz. A combination of Ed Banger hits, combined with classic anthems, and truly great electro compositions.

Very nice Justice. Very Nice.\


We have recieved numerous claims saying this tracklist is not an authentic Justice track list. We deeply regret this mistake and leave you with the message:

We report the Ed Banger news, we don't write it.

We apologize for the claimed error and look forward to producing better articles in the future. Thanks!

- Cassidy

Sunday, May 17, 2009

SebastiAn and Busy P for HARD fest 2009!

The sexy edwreckers SebastiAn and Busy P are set to play HARD fest 2009, along with many other great electro artists. Including: Chromeo, Crookers Crystal Castles, Tiga (my other personal favorite), A-Trak, The Bloody Beetroots, Steve Aoki, Rye Rye, and many others.

Pretty Dope lineup, right? Busy P and SebastiAn will burn down the house, as they always do.

HARD will take place in LA, August 8th. Tickets on sale now. Get 'em fast guys, they're bound to sell out!

Official Poster:

- Jordan

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Ed Banger 6(1/2) Birthday Party


The Ed Banger crew is having a birthday bash for their 6 and 1/2 year birthday.

The celebration is going to be in London *as always London gets the amazingest crap ever* The performance is going to be on Friday, July 10 at the Coronet Theater.

Busy P is bringing a large chunk of the Ed B crew including: DJ Mehdi, SebastiAn, Feadz, So Me, and Krazy Baldhead doing a live show. This line up is incredible.

And in addition to this incredible lineup of Ed Banger artists, there shall be DJ sets from other amazingly dope artists! Such as Mystery Jet, White Heat, O Children , and *Friendly Fires*

GASP. OMFG. This is going to be Insanity. Get your tickets now! They are £13 in advance!

Click Here To Get your tickets now!!

Wow. 6 (1/2) years of Ed Banging. Well done crew. Well done.

- Cassidy

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Busy P & Kavinsky: Levi's Unbuttoned Tour Germany

Oh hot damn. Two of my favorite men on the planet getting unbuttoned.

At this point, you may be asking, "what's with the perve opening Cassidy?"

THIS should explain it ALL. Gaddamit Germany!

First though, look at how BADASS Kavinsky looks in this picture! The iconic Kavisnky jacket, classic Ray-Ban shades, and those fiercely, badass gloves! What is this?! He looks better than his own son Surkin!

Anywho, back on the subject...

the two are, like Busy P said, doing a German invasion.

As posted on Monsieur P's myspace, the two artists, Busy P and Kavinsky, along with electro artist Autokratz, are doing a simply fabulous tour for the popular denim company Levi's. And only for Germany.


In case you folks don't know the very common language of German, here's the dates!

May 14 2009

May 15 2009

May 16 2009

May 20 2009

May 21 2009

May 22 2009

May 23 2009

- Cassidy

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Ed Bang Us. Presents: The DJ Corner

A couple of weeks ago, we recieved a couple lovely emails asking us to post up and coming DJ's tracks. So I said, "hey, why the hell not?" So lo and behold, I came up with the idea of a series of posts, revealing up and coming DJ's. Per Ed Banger track of course. This is the first in that series.

So the first artist in the series is a lovely man who goes by the name "DJ Mark Lam." A couple of weeks ago, Mr. Lam sent us an email asking for some blog exposure for his remixes, so I said, Sure why not? Mr. Lam hails from the city of Dublin, and has done other numerous remixes of artists such as Atlantic Ocean, and Basement Jaxx.
DJ Mark Lam decided to do a daring remix of Ed Banger brother and associate, Kavinsky. Although Kavinsky tours quite often with the Ed Rec. crew, he is not technically on the Ed Banger label. But DJ Mark Lam's remix is badass, so I decided to post it anyways.

This remix is delicious. It has a hyped up glitchiness about it, that keeps the essence of the original track while at the same time, providing a pumped up danceclub allure. His take on the electrically complex original track of Testarossa, is a more lively renewal; the track is made to be highly danceable and surprisingly, keeps the upbeat, fluid tempo the original track has.

Overall, this remix is a job quite well done.
Kavinsky - Testarossa (Mark Lam's Bass Driver Remix)

Here a couple of other remixes he's done as well.
Atlantic Ocean - Waterfall (Mark Lam Remix)
To check out more of DJ Mark Lam's stuff, you can visit his myspace:
- Cassidy

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Ed Banger’s New Flavor… Breakbot!

Oh Shit. Ed Banger just added a new flavor to it’s purely amazing selection of delicious delectables. And this flavor’s name is BREAKBOT. Just when some folks thought that Ed Banger was fading away! Bam! Breakbot is on the scene.

The magnificent news was spread via Le Cool Cats Blog, and Rainbow Man, (Busy P’s blog). You may have seen his growing claim to Ed Banger fame with his genius remix of Justice’s “Let There Be Light” in 2006.
Not much can be discovered about the man himself, much like other Ed Banger artist, SebastiAn. But here’s what I have compiled:

1. He’s a French man
2. He’s done a lot of remixes!

Here is a list of remixes he’s done:

justice - let there be light breakbot remix - japanese waters of nazareth EP (ed banger) //
datA - aerius light breakbot remix (ekleroshock) //
arrow - does breakbot remix (lobe)//
PNAU - baby (ministry of sound)//
alb - sweet sensation (rise recordings)//
fatlip - what's up fatlip (delicious vinyl)//
evil nine - theylive! (marine parade)//
late of the pier - bathroom gurgle (emi)//
pacific - hold me//metronomy a thing for me (because)//
zzz - lion(bang gang 12inches)//
digitalism - apollo-gize(emi)//

van she - kelly (modular)//
sebastien tellier - roche (record makers)//
royksopp - happy up here (emi)//
yuksek - extra ball (universal)

Breakbot’s style has involved remnants of the Ed Banger sound, but uses a fluid combination of other intricate noises as well, which keep him uniquely astray from the main artists of the group. I simply can’t wait to see what kooky collaborations come out of this. With any of the Ed Banger artists, Mr. Oizo, SebasiAn,, who knows. This should be an interesting adventure folks.

Here is one of his older tracks: Penelope Pitstop

Here's a lineup of his upcoming shows:

May 15 2009

May 16 2009

Jadlodajnia Filozoficzna

May 21 2009

Jun 4 2009
social club

Jun 20 2009
sonar by day - ed banger gazpashow

- Cassidy

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Mr. Oizo at Polsslag 2009

This month, the genius Mr. Oizo played the European festival Polsslag. Polsslag is an indoor event created by the masterminds who put on the notorious Pukkelpop Festival.
The event itself usually always has the top arists of the year on its lineup. Which obviously would explain Tiga and Mr. Oizo's presence on the lineup this year.

Anwyho, Mr. Oizo did an incredible set from what I can find, but there hasn't been many reviews or articles posted yet, so I'm just going to put the la crem of la crem. Here is a segment of Mr. Oizo's set.

The first track played is from Ed Banger artist and official artist,
So Me, off the Ed Rec. Comp.2. (the best one). It's a remix of UK band, the Klaxons.
"Golden Skans to Interzone (So Me Remix)"

The second track is one of my personal favorites. It's pure Ecstasy. Off the "Positif - EP," it's the Positif remix by LFO.
"Positif (LFO Remix)"

Take a bath in the pure sex of this set. And enjoy it.

- Cassidy

* Bonus*

Here's a clip from SebastiAn's set at the festival

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

More Action for Krazy Baldhead

On May 15th, dear paris, prepare for a kick ass performance including our boy Krazy Baldhead. He'll be playing alongside the acts of Datarock, the french band "I Am A Dog", and Rye Rye. The show will be hosted at "Club NME, Paris", and no admission under 18 without a guardian. Sorry kiddies.

I'm sure all performances will be superb, I mean... it's about time we got some more Ed Banger action in the club...

- Jordan