Monday, June 29, 2009


DJ Feadz, Ed Banger & Été d'Amour presents
People Numbers Money Business
Dj Feadz Release party
Featuring : DJ FEADZ (ED BANGER)
- Cassidy

Friday, June 26, 2009

Mr. Flash Flashback

Lately, we haven't seen anything new from Mr. Flash lately. He's mostly been doing gigs and has been consumed producing Mos Def's new album. What can ya do? Anywho, I decided to revisit Mr. Flash because I was listening to Monsieur Sexe the other day and was simply blown away by how great Mr. Flash truly is.

First, we have a track from Mr. Flash's funkfilled, hip-hop hybrid, "Champions - EP".

This EP is simply dope. Champions - EP just mashes genres so epicly well. The first title track features french rapper TTC, and proves to be pretty hard core for some frenchmen, I must say.

"Disco Dynamite" - Mr. Flash

Next is the big one. Mr. Flash's beautiful masterpiece. "Monsieur Sexe." This album is a classic, impressive masterpiece which delves into so many genres flawlessly. Which proves to be Mr. Flash's specialty and trademark. An infusion of jazz, hip-hop, and electro, Monsieur Sexe is a incredibly, amazing compilation with a large range of artists and an even larger range of instrumentation.

What better track to see Mr. Flash's wide range of genius in this album than through the intro!

"Introduction" - Mr. Flash

This track is the pre Blatta and Inesha era, porno style track. French do it sexy.

Coït + Interlude: Le Fétichisme - Mr. Flash

Mr. Flash Remixes

The first remix I simply love by Mr. Bosquet is that of the "Bongo Song." Bongo Song was one of the earlier releases of Ed Banger, from the briefly lived Zongamin. For those greatly knowledged in their Ed Banger history, the "Bongo Song - EP" was an incredible EP and even though his visit was brief, his track gave a hit single jumpoff to the label. Anywho, Mr. Flash did an incredible remix of this already hardcore track. A slower, funk filled version of the originally quite instrumental version, Mr. Flash takes this track to another level of greatness.

Bongo Song (Mr. Flash Type C Remix)

The next notable remix by Mr. Flash was a remix done for the wonderful Delicious Vinyl record label. This is a great remix, because of its great instrumentation, and rise and falls. A perfect mixture of electro and hip-hop. It works magically. It's like out of nowhere, those french know stuff about hip-hop we don't even know.

Sittin On Chrome (Mr. Flash Sittin on Cr02 Remix)" - Masta Ace
Album: Delicious Vinyl All-stars Rmxxology

To end it all, Mr. Flash is a pure merging genius. His ability to combine and taste so many genres from such different ends of the spectrum is incredible. He has a very distinct sound, and the talent of a madman. Hopefully this post will teach you kids a lesson, to not forget about the genius of Mr. Flash.

- Cassidy

Thursday, June 25, 2009

R.I.P. Michael Jackson

This news is non Ed Banger related. But sorta related since Justice devoted their "D.A.N.C.E" to him.

I had to dedicate a post to the beloved Michael Jackson. This man was the king of pop. His legacy reaches far beyond even the present, farther than we even realize. Without his crucial pioneer of pop music, we wouldn't have half the genres or level of musicianship we have today. He laid the foundation for the future of music. Without him, we would have nothing.

I can't stress enough how important he was to the future of music; from the very first (still debated) music video to the classic and legendary "Thriller" album, Michael altered everybody's lives. Through all his quirks, and controversial event, Michael was important.

He IS important.

We love you and we will miss you Michael, and your legacy will live for ever.

And thankyou for all you have done for music and the future generations.

- Cassidy

Saturday, June 20, 2009

SebastiAn live at Sonar 2009

SO, we've all been waiting for this forever. Footage of SebastiAn playing LIVE for the first time ever at Sonar 2009. You can see what Sonar is by looking down a couple of posts ago.

Anywho, this is the first video we found with SebastiAn working the machines like a pure genius. Which is quite.....epic. The main track in this video is:

"Dog" - SebastiAn (Album: Ed Rec, Vol. 3)

And it sounded like he was fading into:

"Momy" - SebastiAn (Album: Motor - EP)

Holy Sh*t. Master At Work.

Busy P throwing out SebastiAn masks!!

SebastiAn closing out his set

We'll keep you posted. Check back for more.

- Cassidy

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

New Feadz EP Tracks "Constant Ovulation" / "Age 21"

Alrite, well here tis kiddies. Like I promised. I found two tracks from Feadz new EP "People, Money, Numbers, Business" The rest are on lockdown so far, and have yet to be found.

Busy P described this EP as one of his favorite Ed Banger releases yet. (so we've heard)

Here is the tracklisting:

Constant Ovulation
The Bright Side
Age 21
Liisborg Error
Flashin’ Outro

The first track we have available (courtesy Ghostscenedjs)

"Constant Ovulation" - Feadz

The next track we found was the 3rd track on the EP.

"Age 21" - Feadz


Brand spanking new, here's the entire Feadz - EP


- Cassidy

Monday, June 15, 2009

Ed Banger Crew and Feadz New Tracks at Rockness Festival 2009

On saturday, June 13, the Ed Banger crew will be doing a massively good performance at the Rockness Festival in the U.K.

For those of you who don't know, the Rockness Festival is a yearly music festival held in Scotland, U.K. The festival first started in 2006, and has continued to be hosted and grow in size ever since.

Rockness has consistently had amazing artists such as Felix Da Housecat, Soulwax, Fatboy Slim, and Pete Tong. This year surely will NOT dissapoint.

Busy P, DJ Mehdi, Feadz, Krazy Baldhead are to appear on Saturday at the "Bollywood Skinny presents Soma Records / Ed Banger Records / Sub Club Party" Stage.

But perhaps the biggest news of all is the revealing of Feadz new EP tracks at the festival. Which is due to come out July 6th. We already know that the A-trak of the EP is titled "Constant Ovulation." Which is supposedly, as Busy P says, a "monster"

And remember, Feadz new EP "People Money Numbers Business" comes out on July 6th.
I'm excited. For ticket purchases and more info, visit ROCKNESS

I leave you with a track from Feadz.

"Uffie and Me [Instrumental]" - Feadz

- Cassidy

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Per Ed Banger Newsletter, it has been announced that SebastiAn shall be playing live for the first time EVER at the Sonar Festival in Barcelona, Spain.

After the Sonar show, Ed Banger is hosting an afterparty show of sorts, with a nice lineup of folks including: James Pants, Bullion, Breakbot, Outlines, DSL, and Busy P.

For those of you who don't know, Sónar is a three-day long, music festival held in Barcelona, Spain. This festival is mainly described as a festival of "Advanced Music and Multimedia Art", with music being the main centerpiece of the festival. Sonar lasts three days and nights, and typically starts on a Thursday, in the 3rd week of June. It usually brings in around 80, 000 visitors.
This year is the sixteenth edition of the Festival, and the dates with be the 18th, 19th, and 20th of June.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Vicarious Bliss Reworks Krazy Baldhead

I realize it seems quite rash to do one post on solely one track, especially since its so OLD, but I had to share this with the world, right NOW.

Vicarious Bliss has come up with a simply devine instrumental rework of Krazy Baldhead's main single "Sweet Night" off the album "The B Suite", released earlier this year.

This remix quite appropiately titled the "Psychebabble Rework", truly revels in the more instrumental talent of the seemingly indie edged Vicarious Bliss.
A lovely collaboration of string instruments and piano melodies, this piece truly emphasizes Krazy Baldhead's notion to distinguish his tracks as "movements".

A basic, yet lovely track, I thought this shows some of the more instrumental talents of the more hidden artist of Ed Banger. The wonderful Vicarious Bliss.

- Cassidy

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Feadz New EP - People Money Numbers Business

Oh Snap. Feadz is due to come out with a new EP called: People Money Numbers Business, on July 1. I'm still hung up on his last EP, "Happy Meal" which was truly incredible. The "Numanoid" track was incredibly fresh.

Anywho, we'll keep you posted, and you can bet we're gonna try and get our sticky little fingers on the tracks before anybody else! We are eagerly dripping with anticipation to see what dope miracles Feadz has whipped us this time around.

UPDATE: New Feadz tracks posted in a newer post! Check it out!

- Cassidy

Monday, June 1, 2009

Justice Joins Elektra Records

This just in, this news is fresh off the press. The seemingly dormant record label, Elektra Records has awaken and chosen to compose a new lineup of artists for their re-awakening.

Elektra Records has been the home of some of the most famous and influential acts in music history, such as the Doors, the Eagles, and Phish; and has also made releases for such modern artists as Bjork. Elektra Records has been inactive for the past 5 years, which gives wonder to why such a new spur of artists have arisen.

Back to the core of the issue, Justice is one of the
brand spankin new acts on the lineup. Which is a MAJOR DEAL.
This means that Elektra Records will be in charge and sole exclusivity of Justice’s sophomore album which the entire world has been heavily anticipating since 2007’s †.

Along side the boys on the lineup will also be such incredible acts as Little Boots, and Cee-Lo Green of Gnarls Barkley.

- Cassidy