Sunday, May 24, 2009

Mr. Oizo Remixes Review

Due to popular demand, here we have it. A piece about the lovely, and brilliantly, genius, Mr. Oizo. Well, the remixes of his tracks rather.

Here is a review of the various remixes of his tracks from the 2008 “Lamb’s Anger” album. Some off the Pourriture - EP, and some off the Positif - EP

Steroids (Dog Tag Re -Edit) vs. Steroids (Mr. Oizo Remix)

Alrite, here is where I have to separate from everybody else. Everybody else simply loves the remix made by the man himself of the Uffie featured track “Steroids", off the 2008 release of the Lamb's Anger album. The Mr. Oizo remix of “Steroids” is a more hand clappy, rocked out version of the originally more bland track. People love the f*ck out of the remix, including major DJ’s. Turbo records Canadian artist Tiga, put it in his latest podcast.

But honestly, I don’t feel like this remix is up to par with his other amazingly, mind-blowing tracks. That’s why I have to turn to the Dog Tag Re-Edit of “Steroids.”

The Dog Tag Re-Edit is simply delicious and addictive. It’s a “sped up” version with a steady tribal beat. Great interjections, fades, and stutters of the vocals make this remix simply hard hitting and unique. This remix takes Uffie’s vocals and forces them to f*ck the brains out of the beat.

At 2 minutes, there is a beautiful climax between the razor edge of the beat, and Uffie’s sexy, wet vocals. It is a perfect delivery to a perfect dosage of steroids. This track brings out the vocals, and makes Uffie sound like an actual grown up with a fiercenss to match those female artists who are at the top of their game. The whole track brings out the beauty of the original track, which is initially genius; this just touches up on it, and gives it that “umph” which makes it hard hitting and simply debonair.

Positif (LFO Remix)

This remix is f*cking beast. I think that’s all that needs to be said. It's so utterly beastly, that Mr. Oizo plays it in almost all of his sets.

It’s so …argh. Such dopeness in a mere 4 freakin minutes. Its so glitch, so eclectic, and random. It’s a beautiful car wreck. To those who truly understand electro, they will understand what that means. Its incredibly addictive, and such a wrecked take on the already insane “Positif.” Great wreckage goddamit. Great wreckage.

Erreurjean (Arveene and Misk Remix)

The beginning starts with a harsh repetitive stutter and frantically slaps its way into the main rhythm. A repetition all in a perfect alignment of notes that seem like an in control heart attack. After the multi step build up, the beats go into a dark series of pure bad ass.

Later the song goes into a glitch, arcade sound melody, like something the Crystal Castle drama queens randomly interjected. Just when you think there is a fade to the end, it bounces back around with a climactic beat, and back around to the original riff. This is a great remix which just pumps up and brings the original “Erreurjean” track to life, all the while capturing the true essence.

I'd love to know your take on the remixes. We appreciate your commments!

- Cassidy


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Also, the remix by Blackbird.

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