Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Justice For Cool Cats Tracklist

Here's a track listing the lovely Justice did for the awesome Cool Cats Crew.

1. Sparks / This Town Isn’t Big Enough
2. Distort / House Of Fuzz
3. Plugged Up / Acid Burn
4. Kelly Charles / You’re No Good
5. Les Rhythm Digitales / Disco To Disco
6. Para One / Club Hoppin
7. Clang / Techno
8. Mr Oizo / Flat Eric
9. MBM / RSW / DBX / DSS / Mars Thunder Losing Earth
10. Fatboy Slim And Wildchild / Renegade Master
11. Prodigy / Smack My Bitch Up
12. Para One / Turtle Trouble
13. Scott Grooves / Mothership
14. Audion / The Pong
15. Prince and Shelia / Oh Sheila
16. Quakerman / Schlamm Me
17. Justice / Waters Of Nazareth
18. Basement Jaxx
19. Aphex Twin / Window Licker
20. Kraftwerk / It’s
21. Simian / Never Be Alone
22. Vanessa Paradis / Be My Baby
23. Armand Van Helden / Necessary Evil
24. Stardust / Music Sounds Better With You
25. Michael Jackson / Get On The Floor
26. Sebastian / Smoking Kills
27. Beatbreaker / Hi Roller
28. Justice / Let There Be Light
29. Soft Cell / Memorabilia

WOW. What a great track listing gee whiz. A combination of Ed Banger hits, combined with classic anthems, and truly great electro compositions.

Very nice Justice. Very Nice.\


We have recieved numerous claims saying this tracklist is not an authentic Justice track list. We deeply regret this mistake and leave you with the message:

We report the Ed Banger news, we don't write it.

We apologize for the claimed error and look forward to producing better articles in the future. Thanks!

- Cassidy


Anonymous said...

hate to break it to you guys but this is in fact a fake mix. Jus†ice did NOT make it.
They even posted about it on their myspace.
even correct one of the tracks: Oh Sheila is by Ready for the World not Prince and Sheila E.

Still would have been amazing to hear

Ghostscene Djs said...

Listen to the justice live a trash 2006/07.
its on the trash podcast.
very very similar tracklist. nice set.
was this supposed to be a new released mix? or just a leaked tracklist? love the blog. keep it up lads!

Anonymous said...


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