Sunday, May 10, 2009

Ed Bang Us. Presents: The DJ Corner

A couple of weeks ago, we recieved a couple lovely emails asking us to post up and coming DJ's tracks. So I said, "hey, why the hell not?" So lo and behold, I came up with the idea of a series of posts, revealing up and coming DJ's. Per Ed Banger track of course. This is the first in that series.

So the first artist in the series is a lovely man who goes by the name "DJ Mark Lam." A couple of weeks ago, Mr. Lam sent us an email asking for some blog exposure for his remixes, so I said, Sure why not? Mr. Lam hails from the city of Dublin, and has done other numerous remixes of artists such as Atlantic Ocean, and Basement Jaxx.
DJ Mark Lam decided to do a daring remix of Ed Banger brother and associate, Kavinsky. Although Kavinsky tours quite often with the Ed Rec. crew, he is not technically on the Ed Banger label. But DJ Mark Lam's remix is badass, so I decided to post it anyways.

This remix is delicious. It has a hyped up glitchiness about it, that keeps the essence of the original track while at the same time, providing a pumped up danceclub allure. His take on the electrically complex original track of Testarossa, is a more lively renewal; the track is made to be highly danceable and surprisingly, keeps the upbeat, fluid tempo the original track has.

Overall, this remix is a job quite well done.
Kavinsky - Testarossa (Mark Lam's Bass Driver Remix)

Here a couple of other remixes he's done as well.
Atlantic Ocean - Waterfall (Mark Lam Remix)
To check out more of DJ Mark Lam's stuff, you can visit his myspace:
- Cassidy


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