Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Ed Banger Hits London

Posted through a bulletin by Ed Banger Records on myspace, at 3 in the AM, it has just been announced: Part of the Ed B crew is hitting London.

Busy P, Feadz, and DJ Mehdi are due to make a performance hosted by Vice Records. All you Brits are too damn lucky.

You can view ticket info at this link: http://www.msplinks.com/MDFodHRwOi8vd3d3LnRpY2tldHdlYi5jby51ay91c2VyLz9yZWdpb249Z2JfbG9uZG9uJnF1ZXJ5PWRldGFpbCZldmVudD0zMTE1MzU=

You know what? I haven't given props to Mehdi yet. One of his most famous tracks featuring his lovely wife, the cartoon artist, Fafi. It's called "Lucky Girl." You can find it on the Ed Rec, Vol. 2 or get the Lucky Boy - EP. It's great! With a simply fabulous remix by Kavinsky offspring, Surkin.

Here's a good track from the man.

- Cassidy

Neon Noise Project ft. Fischerspooner & SebastiAn

This just released yesterday, the crazy awesome Fischerspooner is due to do a crazy cool performance as part of the Neon Noise Project for the release of their third album "Entertainment." The performance will take place in London, Britain at the Coronet Theatre in Elephant & Castle.
Joining Fischerspooner, will be London electro artist Autokratz, as well as a special RARE performance by French artist Yuksek.
And of course the Ed Banger part, SebastiAn will be part of this performance as well = ]
Tickets for the night are £10 early bird rising to £14.

- Cassidy

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Justice Remixes: Lenny Kravitz and Digitalism

Well here are a couple of remixes I thought I'd update from the Justice duo.

The newest remix is the one which has been burning up the blogospheres. The Justice remix of Lenny Kravitz's track "Let Love Rule 2009." Personally, I love it. Justice brings a delicate funk to the track and with Lenny's peaceful lyrics, this makes for a fun, take on the original track.

The next track is a gem to me *if it is legit*. It's an unreleased, unofficial Justice remix of a track named "Taken Away" by the brilliant Digitalism. This track is just really good electro, and instrumentation, very different from the Justice trademark sound they usually have in their remixes.

- Cassidy
*Update: There have been many fingers pointed to this post, claiming the Digitalism remix is not legit. This is why I put the disclaimer: unofficial.
It has not been certified or recognized as being a remix by either camp, Justice or Digitalism.
So for all we know, I don't know and neither do you.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Ed Banger Trouble at Cinespace, Los Angeles

On Tuesday April 21, the Ed Banger crew hit one of the most super famous and dopest spots in Los Angeles: The Cinespace, where they were celebrating Busy P’s Birthday. (Worship it! It’s the day Ed Banger was born).

It was an incredible lineup. Dj Medhi, Busy P, Kavinsky, SebastiAn, A-Trak, So Me, and Thomas Bangalter from mother flippin Daft Punk.

But with paradise comes trouble. Sometime during the night, a fight broke out regarding the V.I.P. area. There are many different versions about what truly happened, so I sorted out the most common ones for ya’ll.

Here is one version: Thomas Bangalter and the Ed B crew got into a fight.

Sources said the bouncers guarding the V.I.P. area were overwhelmed by entry level fans who were “mad hyped” to see the left hand of Daft Punk, Thomas Bangalter. Where the fighting managed to spill into the V.I.P. area.

Here is the other version: Kavinsky ain’t no V.I.P.

There were members of the Ed Banger crew who were denied access into the V.I.P. area. After an exchange of arguments, a bouncer “pushed” Ed Banger brother, Kavinsky, and the two started to fight. *Psh! The nerve if that was true!*

Here is the last notable version: DIM MAK started it.

A couple of members from the DIM MAK label started getting messy with the V.I.P. bouncers and screaming at them. This is when the DIM MAK folks proceeded to start pushing the bouncers around, and one of them supposedly spit on one of the bouncers.

Aside from these unfortunate series of events, the performances were said to be beastly.
Which such a star lineup, how couldn't it?

The lovely eyed So Me, with SebastiAn and Mehdi in the background

Lucky Boy, DJ Mehdi plays a set

And finally, the man himself. Busy P, happy be-lated birthday, we love you, we really do. Everyones saying Ed Banger's dying, but we know otherwise. Just wait till the world gets a hold of SebastiAn's and Uffie's first album.

The Ed B crew is destined to make yet another stop at Cinespace for the DIM MAK Tuesday, "Post Coachella After Party." The party will begin at 10 pm, and end at 2 in the am.

There will be live DJ sets from: DJ Mehdi, Busy P, SO ME, Steve Aoki, Them Jeans, Dan Oh, LA Riots, and Murs. As well as complimentary vodka cocktails from 10 to 11 pm.


Booze, dancing your ass off, dope as fuck DJ's. What more can you ask for?
If you manage to get tix, GO. These types of line ups are just dripping with dopeness.

Here's a track to sign off with. Another dope ass remix of "To Protect and Entertain".

It's the So Me Get Naked Remix. Sexy as hell.

- Cassidy

Monday, April 20, 2009

Coachella 2009: Busy P & DJ Mehdi

Yesterday the owner himself, Busy P , played the desert music festival Coachella alongside label mate DJ Mehdi.

In case ya'll don't know:

Coachella is one of the biggest music festivals in the U.S. and it is held in Coachella Valley, California, (which is in the United States just to clarify).
Anywho, this is a report of what happened during Busy P's set.

The crowd was hungover and worn out from the previous dazzling performances, as well as the triple digit temperatures when the two took the stage. For the last day of Coachella, I would expect this. They used all sorts of sounds, including hip hop and electro. At the beginning, nearly half of the crowd was sitting, but by the end 4/5 of the crowd was up and dancing.

The DJs closed the set with a surprise oldies banger, the Beastie Boys' "(You Gotta) Fight for Your Right (to Party)."

Here's a little closer track. One of my faves from Mr. P.

"To Protect and Entertain (Crookers Remix)" - Busy P ft. Murs. Crookers is just amazing. Those damn Italians are amazing.

- Cassidy

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Krazy Baldhead - It's The B Suite B*tches

Alrite folks, I know this is a looong time overdue considering it's past the release date. But time has been a beast lately! Anywho, I had to scream about this album.

It's incredible, and a long time due!

A little bit about Mr. Baldhead...

Lemme start with this. First of all Krazy Baldhead is a very musical man, transcending more than just mind blowing electro beats like our other Ed Banger loves. Krazy B. attended many classical concerts and played piano as a youth, which inspired him to start creating his own electro beats. His influences consist of old school hip-hop and jazz compositions, which can easily be heard in his DJ sets. Mr. B also works on a side project called Donso, which is an infusion of African Mali rooted music and electro.

Back to the Album....

The first thing you see when looking at the lineup oftracks is how everything is labeled in movements. And it's for good reason, all the tracks have differently intertwined beats from the next, no one is like the other.They all hold a strong instrumental grip, which is maybe why I like this album so much. The album carries a passionate, eclectic tone, which truly reflects on the influences Krazy B has cited before. I thought his past two EP's were good, but this is just a brilliant instrumental delight.

My fave track on the album is 3rd Movement Part 3 (aka "Sweet Night" ft. Outlines)

But what is really gold, is the Club Remix! The Ed Banger Crew sent it out this month as a lovely freebie through their monthly newsletter. It's a sped, kooked up mix of the already fun track.

Ultimately, the album is pretty scattered. With different tracks grabbing and groping into all types of mini genres.

Just like the Ed Banger crew said: "Is it an electro album? Is it a hip-hop album? It's up to you to estimate."

Krazy Baldhead will be playing Europe live this Spring! The 24/25th will be with fellow Ed Banger and lucky boy DJ Mehdi. Here are the dates for the 2009 tour:

10th April Lille

11th April B-Suite Release Party Point FMR Paris

12th April First Lyon

23rd April Prostitutes and Policemen Manchester

24th April Carling Academy Oxford

25th April Wax-on Leeds

1st May Rocker 33 Stuttgart

9th May Paradiso w/MSTRKRFT (DOPE!)

5th June Debaser Malmo 6th June Plaza Umea

13th June Rockness Festival Scotland

19th June Low Club Madrid

20th June Lolita@ The Loft SONAR Barcelona

- Cassidy

Monday, April 13, 2009

Best of Both Worlds: Mr. Oizo Remixes Tiga "Shoes"

The prodigy known as Mr. Oizo, does it again. The best of both worlds have come together, and made an orgasmic blend of pure electro sexiness.

The amazing canadian DJ Tiga, from Turbo records, is due to release a brand spankin' new album, Ciao, on April 27th through Last Gang Records. The new album has two singles which have been exposed to the world via Tiga's myspace, These two have been remixed, and are already gaining major hype on the club circuits.

The first remixed track is by the russian rogue, Proxy, who's main fame is from the techno/electro hybrid track, "Raven".

The second track is by none other than the genius man we all love, Mr. Oizo.

Mr. Oizo made an incredible remix for the track "Shoes."

How incredible you ask?

Well, so incredible that even Tiga himself said on his podcast, something around the area of:

"Monsieur Oizo who has completed what I personally think is one of the best remixes ever of one of my tracks."

WOW and goddamn.

When Tiga says its good, its good. And when Mr. Oizo adds an extra 30 seconds, its damn good.

This remix will give you a newly discovered shoe fetish and make you want to comb somebodys hair. So when it's officially released on an EP , GET IT. You'll be addicted to shoes forever.

Here 'Tis kiddies I did MUCH searching for the full length of this track. And I found gold.

- Cassidy

Friday, April 10, 2009

Track Of The Moment #1

This is an amazing track by Birdy Nam Nam, which was produced by the sexy geniuses; Justice

The Parachute Ending -- Birdy Nam Nam


Unfortunately, this song sounds more like Justice than the works of Birdy Nam Nam, but regardless it is an amazing track.


I'm Los Anjealous. Once Again

According to the Ed Banger myspace, from April 6th to April 22nd there is an "Ed Banger Takeover". The real party starts at Coachella on the 19th with Busy P scheduled to play. THEN at the "Cool Cats Pop Up Store" they will have a free mini-show along with free drinks, signing. 

Jealous yet? I am. I WON'T be attending, but my obsession with SebastiAn will involve some major sulking on the 20th through the 22nd, when the uberparty is going on.

So, you should definitely go if you can. Have the time of your life. Especially if you're 21 or older. 


Sunday, April 5, 2009

Uffie Collages

To make all you tender princesses who were hating on the "It's Uffie of Course!...But Why?" article feel whole again.
Here's a little treat to *hopefully* make it better. And to show that I DONT hate Uffie dear.
You can find the HUGE version on my Deviantart, per request of course.
- Cassidy

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Justice to Remix U2 Track “Get On Your Boots”

It has been officially declared that Justice is to do a remix for the European band U2.

You ask "how official?" I say officially off of the "U2 France" website mother effers.

The remix will be of the lead single “Get On Your Boots” off of U2’s brand spanking new album “No Line on the Horizon”. This is going to be schizophrenic and monstrous! Justice is gonna take this track and blow it around every which way ! We can’t wait to se what new magic Justice pulls out of their sexy, electro, magicians hat. Hopefully, it’ll be dope.

- Cassidy

It's Uffie Of Course! ... But Why?

Alright kiddies. It’s that time of year to push a certain Ed Banger artist into the spotlight. This issue has been pressing my mind for a very long time. A fuse has been lit, and my random rant has been sparked! Sparked by a little joke of a kid name Uffie of course!!!

It’s been bothering me all this time! I just can’t seems to bend my mind around the reason behind how she even came to exist among the genius of the Ed Banger crew. Every time her name is uttered, I am left with a clueless gasp and a “Say Wha!!”

It completely obliterates my mind how she acquired a record deal with one of the greatest, if not the greatest, record labels on the electro scene right now. Maybe it’s because of her “given on a platter” rise to stardom that other artists work so desperately hard for, for years. The only possible explanations in my mind are a lucky series of events. Mainly consisting of “banging” Feadz. To haters of this article right now, ask yourself this. Without him, would Uffie truly be anything? And the board says . .. NO.

When she responds to “haters” in her music, it just further justifies her supremely utter lack of true talent. She can’t even bite back at her critics with fierceness, without making rhymes that sound like a teeny bopper trying to fuck with the Queen Bee’s of middle school. Her career launching track, the club killer “Pop the Glock” was an original composition. I’ll give her that. But once again to bring back the thunder, it was produced by none other than the dope swagger of Feadz. The beginning DJ in a series of DJ’s who would be there to invent and rescue her tracks in the time to come.

Now don’t get the wrong idea. It is perfectly fine and 100% NORMAL for artists to work with supreme DJ’s and other magical geniuses. But, when every single track is done this way, you are standing on the borderline of “automatically programmed singing doll”.

So beep, fucking, beep border patrol. Uffie is your prisoner bitch. Aside from being a banging track, the electro, hip-hop hybrid “Pop the Glock” holds no golden lyrics, no underlying messages, no nothing. Nothing but a good time, and the “stunning “ revelation that Uffie knows how to make guys “freaky hard”. And tootsie roll? Really? Do you think she would know anything about that? No. Didn’t think so. “Cruising militia”? WTF? I won’t even touch that. In addition, her lyrics contradict themselves. She says she’s “rated X”. But then later on, she say’s “I’m gifted and ain’t gotta sell sex”.
WTF. If she doesn’t have to sell sex why would she make the “freaky hard” reference and the “Rated X” swipe?

Yeah that really adds up Uffie. Good job kiddo.

Aside from all that, I love Uffie’s voice and the way she “talk sings” , “raps” whatever. I just don’t like how talent less, and un-original she is. She lacks a true appreciation and love for music like the other Ed Banger artists. In every interview, when questioned about her quick, easy success, she always says something around the area of “it was a great opportunity that not many people get, and it sounded fun so I took it”. Nobody who claims themselves to be a true artist or music lover would make that type of comment.

Bottom line: Why would such a talented groups of musical prodigies be susceptible to taking such a random, seemingly talentless chick with a cute voice and giving her a record deal? Am I the only one who sees something wrong here?