Saturday, April 25, 2009

Ed Banger Trouble at Cinespace, Los Angeles

On Tuesday April 21, the Ed Banger crew hit one of the most super famous and dopest spots in Los Angeles: The Cinespace, where they were celebrating Busy P’s Birthday. (Worship it! It’s the day Ed Banger was born).

It was an incredible lineup. Dj Medhi, Busy P, Kavinsky, SebastiAn, A-Trak, So Me, and Thomas Bangalter from mother flippin Daft Punk.

But with paradise comes trouble. Sometime during the night, a fight broke out regarding the V.I.P. area. There are many different versions about what truly happened, so I sorted out the most common ones for ya’ll.

Here is one version: Thomas Bangalter and the Ed B crew got into a fight.

Sources said the bouncers guarding the V.I.P. area were overwhelmed by entry level fans who were “mad hyped” to see the left hand of Daft Punk, Thomas Bangalter. Where the fighting managed to spill into the V.I.P. area.

Here is the other version: Kavinsky ain’t no V.I.P.

There were members of the Ed Banger crew who were denied access into the V.I.P. area. After an exchange of arguments, a bouncer “pushed” Ed Banger brother, Kavinsky, and the two started to fight. *Psh! The nerve if that was true!*

Here is the last notable version: DIM MAK started it.

A couple of members from the DIM MAK label started getting messy with the V.I.P. bouncers and screaming at them. This is when the DIM MAK folks proceeded to start pushing the bouncers around, and one of them supposedly spit on one of the bouncers.

Aside from these unfortunate series of events, the performances were said to be beastly.
Which such a star lineup, how couldn't it?

The lovely eyed So Me, with SebastiAn and Mehdi in the background

Lucky Boy, DJ Mehdi plays a set

And finally, the man himself. Busy P, happy be-lated birthday, we love you, we really do. Everyones saying Ed Banger's dying, but we know otherwise. Just wait till the world gets a hold of SebastiAn's and Uffie's first album.

The Ed B crew is destined to make yet another stop at Cinespace for the DIM MAK Tuesday, "Post Coachella After Party." The party will begin at 10 pm, and end at 2 in the am.

There will be live DJ sets from: DJ Mehdi, Busy P, SO ME, Steve Aoki, Them Jeans, Dan Oh, LA Riots, and Murs. As well as complimentary vodka cocktails from 10 to 11 pm.


Booze, dancing your ass off, dope as fuck DJ's. What more can you ask for?
If you manage to get tix, GO. These types of line ups are just dripping with dopeness.

Here's a track to sign off with. Another dope ass remix of "To Protect and Entertain".

It's the So Me Get Naked Remix. Sexy as hell.

- Cassidy


Dirty Disco Ninja said...

Great post about Ed Banger Fight Club!
Well, no right pass, no entry, it once happened to So Me @ I Love Techno 2006. One security guy taking his job very very seriously :-)

And after seeing the Justice Live DVD/docu, I can imagine how they fucked up the place :-)

Ed Banger Kids said...

Haha thanks. Yeah, I can't believe I missed it. *Sigh* and on Busy P's b-day too. If the Kavinsky story is true, which it appears to be from the pics, they've got some nerve!

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