Monday, April 13, 2009

Best of Both Worlds: Mr. Oizo Remixes Tiga "Shoes"

The prodigy known as Mr. Oizo, does it again. The best of both worlds have come together, and made an orgasmic blend of pure electro sexiness.

The amazing canadian DJ Tiga, from Turbo records, is due to release a brand spankin' new album, Ciao, on April 27th through Last Gang Records. The new album has two singles which have been exposed to the world via Tiga's myspace, These two have been remixed, and are already gaining major hype on the club circuits.

The first remixed track is by the russian rogue, Proxy, who's main fame is from the techno/electro hybrid track, "Raven".

The second track is by none other than the genius man we all love, Mr. Oizo.

Mr. Oizo made an incredible remix for the track "Shoes."

How incredible you ask?

Well, so incredible that even Tiga himself said on his podcast, something around the area of:

"Monsieur Oizo who has completed what I personally think is one of the best remixes ever of one of my tracks."

WOW and goddamn.

When Tiga says its good, its good. And when Mr. Oizo adds an extra 30 seconds, its damn good.

This remix will give you a newly discovered shoe fetish and make you want to comb somebodys hair. So when it's officially released on an EP , GET IT. You'll be addicted to shoes forever.

Here 'Tis kiddies I did MUCH searching for the full length of this track. And I found gold.

- Cassidy


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Anonymous said...

Tiga & like mixing a fag with a real man.

But Steve Aoki + Oizo is like mashing up 2 wackos!

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