Monday, July 20, 2009

Random Remix/Rarities Session: #1

Like the title says, its a random remix session. Haven't been posting for a while. Life has been calling. It's summer, nuff said.

First remix, quite unique and way far from any electro reminiscent sound. Featuring dutch rapper, Mitch, and one of our fave Ed Banger duo's, Feadz and Uffie.

"Fais Rentrer Les Euros (Laryatta Remix)" - Mitch, Uffie & Feadz

Second remix, is of the wonderful bird man. Mr. Oizo. From one of our fave, Ed Banger remix duo's, Arveene and Misk.

"Gay Dentists (Arveene and Misk Straight Gyno Edit)" - Mr. Oizo


Finally, third remix, one of my personal favorites. Of the wonderful DJ Mehdi from the equally wonderful Outlines. Lovely, more instrumental version. Truly alternates from the original.

"Lucky Boy (Outlines Remix)" - DJ Mehdi

- Cassidy


Gavin said...

Nice Selections Cassidy! lovin Them!

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