Friday, July 10, 2009

Feadz Happy Meal pack : Tee + EP *Exclusive*

As sent to us in the Ed Banger Newsletter, we recieved some epic news. The Cool Cats store is selling a Feadz Happy Meal Pack. This pack consists of a Feadz "Happy Meal" tee along with a Happy Meal - EP. All for the discounted price of 35 euros instead of the original 43! I don't mean to sound like an annoying car salesman, but, What a deal!! In addition, this exclusive offer is only limited to 20 packs. As some may know, the Happy Meal - EP was incredible! With fresh tracks like Numanoid, and Hawaiian Smut, this EP is absolutely worth it. Along with a dope Feadz Happy Meal shirt, you can call yourself a true Ed Banger. So if you've got the wallet, and the smarts, get this pack. It's a deal, and something worth spending you're money on.

Feadz - "Uffie And Me (Instrumental)"

- Cassidy


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