Friday, July 10, 2009

Cool Cats Stuff: New Store Opening

As you know, or you might not know, a couple of Ed Banger associates have their own little group called the "Cool Cats" which focuses on art and music. The Ed Banger musician members in Cool Cats consist of Busy P, So Me, and DJ Mehdi. Anywho, as announced via the Cool Cats blog, a brand new Cool Cats office is being opened, "somewhere in Paris." Which I presume will be open for business. Gah, the awesomeness.
The Cool Cats have been responsible for all Ed Banger memorablila and whatnot. They have designed and produced all the t-shirts, as well as accessories, for the entire Ed Banger label.
As you also may know, Busy P and So Me worked together for a project with Nike to make an Ed Banger shoe. The first shoe had a rainbow shade at the bottom, but this shoe has black and yellow. Pretty nice eh?

- Cassidy


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