Friday, April 16, 2010

Uffie - ADD SUV (BBC Radio Rip)

Uffie's new track "ADD SUV" featuring Pharell. Don't mean to sound brash, but damn this shit is dope. We're so glad Uffie is back, and better than ever. We're gonna have this one on repeat for a looooong time.

Uffie - ADD SUV ft. Pharrell [prod. by Mirwais].mp3

P.S. Much thanks to the anon who sent the link! We always appreciate the info.

*Source: Waterblock NYC

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D0UbleF_ said...

In the coming months of Uffie's popularity someone is going to offer Uffie a big badass contract and she will unfortunately leave Ed Banger :(

Anonymous said...

Differentiating this Uffie song from 99% of the pop trash in NA is very difficult.

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