Friday, October 23, 2009

DJ Mehdi EP Countdown - Day 17

2. BUSY P ‘To Protect and Entertain’ (2008)
Meeting Busy P is the second most important thing happening to my DJ and beat-maker life.
DJ Gilb’r had been playing and explaining techno and house-music to me since 1994. The Cassius boys gave me their La Funk Mob and Motorbass records while we were producing MC Solaar’s third album in 96. I met the whole Daft Crew in NYC in 97: Pedro made me a mix-tape of Kenny Dope beats and forced me into buying ‘Jam The Mace’ and a couple of Underground Resistance EP’s. But he was also a lot into Jay-Dee and The Alchemist. He became my manager in 2000 and founded Headbangers Entertainment in 2001. When he had the idea of starting a vynil label, I suggested him to tell people to “Call Ed Banger for feedbacks” and write his telephone number on the back covers. Then So-Me came into Pedro’s office - and never left. They started Ed Banger Records in 2003. Although I was always part of the family, I only officially jumped-in in 2005.

Busy P - To Protect & Entertain (DJ Mehdi 99Rap Remix)

- Cassidy


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