Sunday, October 25, 2009

DJ Mehdi EP Countdown - Day 15

4. DJ MEHDI and FAFI ‘Lucky Girl’ (2007)

Of course, the artist I remixed the most is myself. Matter fact, a lot of my tracks are actually distant remixes of older songs of mine and I always recycle beats and sounds. Everyday I wake up, turn the MPC on, and make a beat. If the beat holds it up to a lunch pause and supports a second listen, then it becomes a Logic session on my computer. From there to turn into an actual song can take one or two months, sometimes more. Often, my wife Fafi would hum along some melodies and I end up stealing parts of it without telling nor paying her. When it’s so obvious than I can’t deny it anymore, I let her sing it herself, but I always pretend that it’s an engineering nightmare to plug a microphone in, or impossible to find the power cable to that keyboard sitting on the desk in front of me.

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Download: DJ Medhi "Lucky Girl"

- Cassidy


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