Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Vicarious Bliss Reworks Krazy Baldhead

I realize it seems quite rash to do one post on solely one track, especially since its so OLD, but I had to share this with the world, right NOW.

Vicarious Bliss has come up with a simply devine instrumental rework of Krazy Baldhead's main single "Sweet Night" off the album "The B Suite", released earlier this year.

This remix quite appropiately titled the "Psychebabble Rework", truly revels in the more instrumental talent of the seemingly indie edged Vicarious Bliss.
A lovely collaboration of string instruments and piano melodies, this piece truly emphasizes Krazy Baldhead's notion to distinguish his tracks as "movements".

A basic, yet lovely track, I thought this shows some of the more instrumental talents of the more hidden artist of Ed Banger. The wonderful Vicarious Bliss.


- Cassidy


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