Friday, June 26, 2009

Mr. Flash Flashback

Lately, we haven't seen anything new from Mr. Flash lately. He's mostly been doing gigs and has been consumed producing Mos Def's new album. What can ya do? Anywho, I decided to revisit Mr. Flash because I was listening to Monsieur Sexe the other day and was simply blown away by how great Mr. Flash truly is.

First, we have a track from Mr. Flash's funkfilled, hip-hop hybrid, "Champions - EP".

This EP is simply dope. Champions - EP just mashes genres so epicly well. The first title track features french rapper TTC, and proves to be pretty hard core for some frenchmen, I must say.

"Disco Dynamite" - Mr. Flash

Next is the big one. Mr. Flash's beautiful masterpiece. "Monsieur Sexe." This album is a classic, impressive masterpiece which delves into so many genres flawlessly. Which proves to be Mr. Flash's specialty and trademark. An infusion of jazz, hip-hop, and electro, Monsieur Sexe is a incredibly, amazing compilation with a large range of artists and an even larger range of instrumentation.

What better track to see Mr. Flash's wide range of genius in this album than through the intro!

"Introduction" - Mr. Flash

This track is the pre Blatta and Inesha era, porno style track. French do it sexy.

Coït + Interlude: Le Fétichisme - Mr. Flash

Mr. Flash Remixes

The first remix I simply love by Mr. Bosquet is that of the "Bongo Song." Bongo Song was one of the earlier releases of Ed Banger, from the briefly lived Zongamin. For those greatly knowledged in their Ed Banger history, the "Bongo Song - EP" was an incredible EP and even though his visit was brief, his track gave a hit single jumpoff to the label. Anywho, Mr. Flash did an incredible remix of this already hardcore track. A slower, funk filled version of the originally quite instrumental version, Mr. Flash takes this track to another level of greatness.

Bongo Song (Mr. Flash Type C Remix)

The next notable remix by Mr. Flash was a remix done for the wonderful Delicious Vinyl record label. This is a great remix, because of its great instrumentation, and rise and falls. A perfect mixture of electro and hip-hop. It works magically. It's like out of nowhere, those french know stuff about hip-hop we don't even know.

Sittin On Chrome (Mr. Flash Sittin on Cr02 Remix)" - Masta Ace
Album: Delicious Vinyl All-stars Rmxxology

To end it all, Mr. Flash is a pure merging genius. His ability to combine and taste so many genres from such different ends of the spectrum is incredible. He has a very distinct sound, and the talent of a madman. Hopefully this post will teach you kids a lesson, to not forget about the genius of Mr. Flash.

- Cassidy


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