Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Bird Man.

Quentin Dupieux - a.k.a "Mr. Oizo" is
indeed the Genius Man of Ed Banger Records.

He is a man of many talents. Between so many years of writing and producing music, and directing films, he's sure earned our high level of respect.

His latest release, the "Pourriture EP", is amazing, despite a few seemingly pointless tracks. Dupieux always finds a way to make anything worth listening to.
The best track on this album I would have to say is his own remix of "Steroids (feat. Uffie)".

Usually, I find Uffie annoying, but in this song her vocals are superb, and the lyrics aren't overly annoying. She actually sounds like an ADULT! What a concept.

It's hard to find remixes that are better than the original, and this remix far surpasses the original of this song.

Leave it Mr. Oizo to give us some drool-worthy tracks, then remix them into something even better than we ever imagined possible.

Yeah. We love you.

- Jordan


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